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    Welcome to "Maian Survey", a free PHP/MySQL survey system.

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    Server Requirements:

    PHP v5.0 or higher.
    A 'MySQL' database to hold the script tables.
    GD graphics library enabled for captcha display.

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    To view demos of this free system, please click the links below:

    SURVEY EXAMPLES (Single Page/Multiple Pages)

    http://www.maianscriptworld.com/demos/survey/ (Single)

    http://www.maianscriptworld.com/demos/survey/ (Multiple)

    Maian Survey

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    Maian Survey - Admin Demo

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  4. Language Packs

    Available language packs are shown below. If you would like to submit a language pack, please refer to the readme file when you download the script. Thanks.

    v1.1 Language Packs

    Italian Language Pack Thanks to: Alex Gotev

    Turkish Language Pack Thanks to: Gökhan SEVER

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    "Maian Survey" is a part of the Maian Script World suite. It was designed and programmed by myself, a UK based front/backend web developer/programmer, from my home base in South Staffordshire. When I`m not working on client projects or developing software, I like to read, walk, hike and listen to music. I have a passion for instrumental music and Asian pop music.

    I regard Japan`s Ayumi Hamasaki and China`s Faye Wong as the worlds greatest ever pop divas.

    For help & support, please visit the Maian Script World Support Forums.

    I may be available for hire if you are looking for a reliable web developer/programmer. My rates are pretty reasonable and I work fast. If you do contact me, please try and be as descriptive as possible about the type of work you want and also the sort of cost you were looking at.

    Thank you for your interest and I hope you find some use for Maian Survey,

    David Ian Bennett - Lead Developer

    Special thanks to: Nicola Hibbert